About the company

VISKO PHARMACY LTD. is located at 9/26 UDI ROAD ASATA in Enugu, capital of Enugu State, Nigeria. It is a 100% indegenious company incorparated in 1986 with RC: 80,211 as a wholesale, retail and dispensing pharmaceutical company. In answer to calls for local provision of cost-effective generic products to fill the gap left by multinational companies operating in the country.

VISKO has over fifty registered regulated products, our brand and product range have since grown in strength and including virtually all therepeutic classes, such as antibiotics, anti-hypertensives, anti-malarial, anti-ulcer, anti-histamines, skeletal relaxant and ointment.

VISKO PHARMACY LTD. Strong management team comprises of accomplished professionals who have excelled in both their academic and professional career. The team leader is Pharmacist Igbokwe Nnamdi David, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The company maintaince high quality standard in all its operations with high production capacity. The policy thrust is to continue to provide cost-effective, affordable, local alternatives of life saving drugs to the teeming population. There is always our company representatives nearer to you, as you are guaranteed good service deliver at your doorstep.